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I6000 Infinity
    I6000 Infinity
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    • I6000 Infinity

      Product Code: biogenex-i6000-infinity
      Vendor: Biogenex
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    i6000 Infinity

    i6000 Infinity is a multi-functional system that is designed to accelerate life sciences research and drug discovery and development by performing multiplex IHC, ISH, IF and special stains assays. Its open intuitive software provides the users the flexibility to optimize up to 60 assay parameters simultaneously and use pre-optimized (ready-to-use) or user-defined reagents. The Infinity system is capable of staining 200 slides in 8 hours and is therefore ideal for improving productivity in research laboratories that are seeking to free highly-skilled technicians for more demanding tasks.

    Features and Benefits

    • Fully open system to customize any manual protocol
    • Wide reagent dispense volumes: 100 無 to 900 無
    • Liquid level sensor for accurate reagent dispensing
    • High throughput with unattended overnight run option
    • Multi-format specimen analysis including frozen and FFPE tissues, cell preparations, smears and fine needle aspirates (FNAs)
    • Multiple slide processing options - Random, Continuous and STAT
    • Audio and visual alerts at every step for manual intervention
    • Real-time slide map including time to completion
    • Customized reporting system


    Performance Parameters Specifications
    Slide Capacity 60 (12 slides/rack; 5 racks)
    Reagent Capacity 60 (30 vials/rack; 2 racks)
    Reagent Dispense Volumes Increment of 50 無 (100 無 to 400 無) Increment of 100 無 (400 無 to 900 無)
    Software System Open
    Barcode Reader No
    Dimensions D: 24 in/61 cm; W: 40.5 in/102.8 cm: H: 18.5 in /47 cm
    Bulk Reagent Carboy 1 (Volume: 4 L per carboy)
    Waste Container 1 (Volume: 20 L per container)
    DI Water Container 1 (Volume: 10 L per container)
    Weight 130 lb/59 kg
    Operating Temperature 18蚓 to 28.5蚓 (64蚌 to 80.5蚌)
    Electrical Requirements 110 V or 230 V (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
    Software Proprietary BioGenex software running on Microsoft Windows XP