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TSA12Gi Inverted Microscope Thermal Stage
    TSA12Gi Inverted Microscope Thermal Stage
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    • TSA12Gi Inverted Microscope Thermal Stage

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    Instec’s TSA12Gi is a thermoelectric (Peltier) based thermal stage designed specifically for inverted optical microscopes. It features a large sampl chamber that can accommodate a Petri dish or samples up to 40.5 mm diameter.
    The TSA12Gi’s specially designed lid allows for precision temperature control, and gas purge for atmospheric control. Purge gas is pre-heated/cooled before entering the sample chamber for improved thermal performance. The lid windows can be defrosted for low temperature operation.
    TSA12Gi is an ideal solution for applications such as cell culture, biology, and thermal microscopy for inverted microscopes.
    • Programmable precision temperature from 0C to 60C
    • Peltier-based inverted microscope thermal stage
    • Accommodates up to a 40.5 mm diameter sample size
    • Pre-heated or pre-cooled gas purge
    • Controlled fast heating and cooling rate
    • Extra large viewing aperture
    • Removable and exchangeable windows
    • Dual pane windows for better thermal isolation
    • Integrated aperture window defrost system
    • Gas tight sample chamber
    • Inner cover for improved sample temperature uniformity
    Technical Specifications
    Temperature Range
    0C to 60C
    Temperature Resolution
    0.01C with mK1000
    Temperature Stability
    0.05C at 37C with mK1000 (better stability optional)
    Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate
    0.5C per hour
    Maximum Heating Rate
    +25C per minute at 37C
    Maximum Cooling Rate
    -15C per minute at 37C
    Temperature Control Method
    PID with Linear Variable DC
    Temperature Control Sensor
    100 Ω Platinum RTD
    Minimum Objective Working Distance
    5.4 mm
    Minimum Condenser Working Distance
    23.8 mm
    Sample Area
    Φ40.5 mm
    Chamber Height
    13 mm with inner cover
    Sample Viewing Aperture
    12 mm for transmitted light
    20 mm for reflected light