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StepMate Repeater Pipette
    StepMate Repeater Pipette
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    • StepMate Repeater Pipette

      SKU: 72010000
      Product Code: scilogex-720100009999
      Vendor: Scilogex
    • MSRP: $267.00    Price: $186.90

      Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

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    720100009999 StepMate Repeater Pipettor Features:

    This easy-to-use positive displacement pipettor/dispenser allows rapid, precise and accurate dispensing, up to 48 times in succession, without refilling.

    • Easy single-handed operation and volume setting
    • Ideal for pipetting aqueous and viscous liquids
    • Accessory EZ Polypropylene syringe tips available
    • Uses most manufacturers syringe-tips
    • Lightweight and ergonomic design
    • Maintenance free
      Dial Setting †’ 1 2 3 4 5 Accuracy % Precision %
      Number of Doses 48 23 15 11 8    
      Syringe Vol.              
      0.50ml 10ul 20ul 30ul 40ul 50ul ‰¤±0.8 ‰¤0.7
      1.25ml 25ul 50ul 75ul 100ul 125ul ‰¤±0.8 ‰¤0.5
      2.50ml 50ul 100ul 150ul 200ul 250ul ‰¤±0.8 ‰¤0.4
      5.00ml 100ul 200ul 300ul 400ul 500ul ‰¤±0.4 ‰¤0.3
      12.50ml 250ul 500ul 750ul 1000ul 1250ul ‰¤±0.3 ‰¤0.3
      25.00ml 500ul 1000ul 1500ul 2000ul 2500ul ‰¤±0.2 ‰¤0.3
      50.00ml 1000ul 2000ul 3000ul 4000ul 5000ul ‰¤±0.2 ‰¤0.2
      StepMate Repeater Pipettor Accessories:

      SCILOGEX EZ Syringe Tips, 0.5ml to 50ml, Non-Sterile & Sterile 

      EZ Syringe Tips fit all repeating pipettes using standard sized syringe tips, such as the StepMate„¢, HandyStep® and the Eppendorf® RepeaterTM. EZ-Tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and high-density polyethylene without lubricants or chemical additives to prevent reagent contamination. Manufactured from High Quality Materials: EZ Syringe Tips are made entirely from high-quality virgin polyethylene and polypropylene without lubricants or other chemical additives. Available in non-sterile and sterile. 

      EZ-Sterile Tips are individally wrapped and certified free of DNA, RNase, endotoxins,and ATP to meet the most stringent sample integrity requirements.