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Semrock QD625-C-000 Brightline Single Band Filter Set
    Semrock QD625-C-000 Brightline Single Band Filter Set
    Purchase Semrock QD625-C-000 Brightline Single Band Filter Set
    • Semrock QD625-C-000 Brightline Single Band Filter Set

      SKU: QD625-C-000
      Product Code: QD625-C-000
      Vendor: Semrock
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    BrightLine® single-band filter set, optimized for Qdot 625 Nanocrystals and other like fluorophores

    This single-band filter set is perfectly optimized for brilliant, dense multi-color detection with quantum dot nanocrystals. The highly transmitting, deep-blue exciter achieves maximum quantum dot excitation efficiency while virtually eliminating any DAPI or Hoechst excitation. The emitter has high transmission, steep edges, and a narrow bandwidth to perfectly match the Qdot 625 emission with minimal crosstalk from neighboring Qdots. With its exceptionally wide and flat transmission and reflection bands, the dichroic not only accommodates all Qdot nanocrystals but does so with a wide range of possible UV and blue excitation wavelengths. And with the "no burn-out" performance shared by all BrightLine filters, this set is the ideal tool for applications that depend on the superb photostability and archivability of quantum dots.


    Optical Specifications
    Specification Value
    Blocking BrightLine filters have blocking far exceeding OD 6 as needed to ensure a black background, even when using modern low-noise CCD cameras. The blocking is optimized for microscopy applications using our exclusive SpecMaker™ fluorescence filter design.

    General Filter Specifications
    Specification Value
    Microscope Compatibility BrightLine filters are available to fit Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Aperio microscopes.
    Optical Damage Rating Testing has proven to show no signs of degradation when exposed to at least 6.0 W of power from an unfiltered xenon arc lamp over a 25 mm diameter (corresponding to 1.2 W/cm2) for over 500 hours.

    Physical Filter Specifications
    Specification Value
    Scratch-Dig 60-40
    Exciter/Emitter Orientation Arrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light.
    Dichroic Orientation "Reflective coating side" should face toward light source and sample.