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Ocean Optics PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Light Source
    Ocean Optics PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Light Source
    Purchase Ocean Optics PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Light Source
    • Ocean Optics PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Light Source

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    The Ocean Optics PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp is a high flash rate, short-arc xenon lamp for the ultraviolet (UV). With an output from 220-750 nm, it is ideal for absorbance and reflection measurements. Because of the shorter duty cycle the PX-2 is also useful for fluorescence and phosphorescence measurements.

    The PX-2 operates at speeds up to 220 Hz, offers excellent pulse-to-pulse stability. It can be triggered by an external TTL pulse and offers software control of the flash rate.

    The spectrometer sampling can be altered so that a variable number of flashes are observed during each integration period. In the Single Mode of PX-2 operation, a single flash occurs during each integration period so you can easily synchronize operation of both the xenon lamp and detector. In Multiple Mode a steady, consistent light exposure is provided for each integration period ensuring reliable absorbance and reflection measurements.

    The PX-2 has an SMA 905 output connector and seamlessly integrates with Ocean Optics miniature fiber optic spectrometers and accessories, including optical fibers, cuvette holders, probes and other sampling optics.

    Engineering Specifications PX-2
    Source: Pulsed Xenon
    Wavelength range: 220-750 nm
    Color temperature: N/A (non-blackbody output)
    Pulse power: 45 microjoules/pulse (maximum)
    Average output power: 9.9 Watts
    Pulse rate: 220 Hz (maximum)
    Pulse duration: 5 μs (at 1/3 height of pulse)
    Pulse rate: Multiple mode: up to 220 Hz
    Single mode: 1 – 220 Hz
    Warm-up time:* None
    Source lifetime: 109 pulses (estimated 230 days continuous operation @ 50 Hz pulse rate)
    Trigger/shutter input signal: TTL; 1-220 Hz
    Trigger/shutter connection: SUB-D-15 pin
    Power consumption: 1.3 A @ 11V @ 220 Hz
    100 mA @ 12V @ 10Hz
    Dimensions: 14 cm x 10.5 cm x 4 cm
    Weight: 0.4 kg

    PX-2 irradiance spectra.xls