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      Vendor: Spectra Services, Inc.
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    What once took hours, can now be done in minutes! Introducing Spectra PSDX. The most advanced Particle Size Distribution System.

    Now you can inspect, retrieve, compile and store particle size distribution data faster than ever before. Engineered for high-speed, high-volume testing, PSDX will count thousands of fields in just minutes! In addition, it will dramatically improve your Quality Assurance Lab with streamlined efficiency, productivity and much more accurate statistics.

    The Spectra PSDX system is one of the most advanced particle size analysis tools on the market. Our powerful, easy-to-use PSDX software is designed to perform measurement functions automatically. All you do is input your inspection parameter, scan your sample and PSDX provides accurate results in a matter of seconds! Round or square sample areas, bright or dark particles, it makes no difference. PSDX can automatically find the field boundaries of samples used and the type of particles present. What's more, it will accurately measure particles as small as 1 µm!

    This turn-key system will allow users to quickly and accurately determine size distribution of particles, from as small as 1µm, in an easy to setup and use format. Automated functions allow effortless area-of-interest selection for 100% inspection of filter or slide.

    Spectra PSDX is an easy-to-use Graphical front end that runs on top of the industry standard, ImagePro Plus. Thresholding is used to select the desired field of particles/blobs to count. The particles/blobs within the selected field can be further sorted by inclusion or exclusion based on size, shape or color and can be categorized as organic or metallic. Unlimited bins allows size distributions.

    System Components

    • Color or Monochrome Mega Pixel Digital camera
    • Prior ProScan Motorized Stage
    • Auto-focus: Prior Proscan stages and analog cameras only
    • Olympus Microscope: 5X, 10X and 20X objectives
    • Digital Autofocus or Predictive Focus
    • Dell Computer with 24"LCD Dual Flat Screen
    • Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system
    • Based on Media Cybernetics ImagePro 7.0


    • Counts particles/blobs as small as 1 µm and sizes objects automatically
    • Accurately measure 54 different attributes of the samples
    • Set ranges for measurements to filter unwanted objects
    • Resolve clustered objects with Watershed and Auto-Split functions
    • Report generated in Excel with histogram, statistics and size distribution
    • Automation of inspection of circular filter or slides
    • Feature Map –ability to select measurement data and be brought back to that exact particle
    • Easily create different bins for size distribution information
    • Program tied to Microsoft Outlook or SMTP email
    • We can customize PSDX to fit your application-specific needs

    Technical Specifications

    • High Performance Optical Microscope with 5X, 10X and 20X Objectives, Transmitted, Reflected Light Brightfield and Polarized Light
    • Precision 4 in x 3 in Motorized Stage, 0.02µm with ±3 µm Accuracy with Auto- Focus Controller
    • Camera Options Include Monochrome or Color Mega Pixel Digital Cameras

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