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Cuvette Type 63 10mm Light Path
    Cuvette Type 63 10mm Light Path
    Purchase Cuvette Type 63 10mm Light Path
    • Cuvette Type 63 10mm Light Path

      Product Code: NSG60
      Vendor: NSG
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    Cuvette Type 63 10mm Light Path

    Precision Cells Type 63 Fluorometer Cuvette 10mm Light Path

    Features: Specifications:
    Standard fluorometer cuvette with quartz to pyrex graded seal tube. Seal tube is fire fused to prevent any kind of leaking. These cuvette's are great for researchers who have to add attachments or modifications to the cuvette's.
    1. Four windows and base optically polished
    2. Highly accurate results, only need to test sample one time
    3. Accurate repeatability, Precision Cells cuvette's are made with only the highest quality quartz and glass materials
    4. Hand made in Japan, ensuring the highest quality optical polish with no defects.
    5. Every cell is thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory. 
    6. Precision Cells cuvette's are guaranteed to give you the best optical transmission.
    7. Fire fused to ensure the best bonding and graded seal tubes will not leak.
    8. Four different materials available: (Optical Glass, UV Quartz, ES Quartz, IR (EDC) Quartz)
    9. Only available in standard 10mm light path.
    10. Quartz to glass graded seal tube: OD 8mm X ID 6mm
    11. Height is without graded seal tube
    12. Overall height is approximately 125mm
    Trasmission Values for Precision Cells
    Inner Chamber
    Light Path
    Outer Length mm
    Width mm
    Height mm
    Length mm
    Width mm
    Capacity ml
    Flow Through
    63G10 63UV10 63ES10 63IR10
    • Quartz to Glass graded seal tube: OD8xID6mm
    • Height is without graded seal tube
    • Overall height is approximately 125mm
    • G = Optical Glass
    • ES Quartz = Synthetic Quartz equivalent to Suprasil-1 with a Transmission of 180-2,500 nm
    • UV Quartz = Transmission of 180-2,500nm
    • IR EDC Quart
    If you don't see a particular model, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We carry the complete NSG Precision Cells line.
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