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Navitar 7010 Modular Zoom Microscope
    Navitar 7010 Modular Zoom Microscope
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    • Navitar 7010 Modular Zoom Microscope

      Product Code: NM7010
      Vendor: Navitar
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    The Navitar Zoom 7010 Macro Zoom lens is specifically designed for use with a 1/3" or smaller camera and has a 10X zoom ratio. The 10x Macro Zoom lens allows close-up image capture without extension tubes or close-up lenses, and the up to 10x magnification variable (zooming) capability allows small objects to be expanded for close-up observation.

    Navitar's Zoom 7010 is ideal for visual inspection of electronic and precision components, input of computer image processing and magnification of documents as a visual aid.


    • Imaging at distances from 7-12"
    • Working distance of 12" to infinity when the built-in close-up lens is removed
    • Very high resolution
    • C-Mount is standard with CS-mount also available.

    Field of View Chart for Zoom 7010

    Working Distance High Magnification
    1/3" Chip DIA (mm)
    Low Magnification
    1/3" Chip DIA (mm)
    7" 9.2 93
    8" 11.4 116
    9" 13.7 139
    10" 15.6 158
    11" 17.4 176
    12" 21 213
    Remove the Close-up Lens
    1'4" 23 235
    1'8" 30 305
    2' 37 380
    3' 56 570
    4' 75 770

    Taken from 1/3" camera monitor systems with an approximate 10% overfill. All dimensions in mm.
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