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NeoFox Sport Portable Oxygen Sensor
    NeoFox Sport Portable Oxygen Sensor
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    • NeoFox Sport Portable Oxygen Sensor

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      Vendor: Ocean Optics
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    Ocean Optics NeoFox Sport Portable Optical Oxygen Sensor

    The NeoFox Sport is a portable, handheld optical oxygen sensor designed specifically for measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure in a variety of media. The NeoFox Sport sensor uses a proprietary sol gel coating that is embedded with an oxygen indicator and can be applied to patches or probes. These coating formulations are available for general laboratory use, high-sensitivity applications and hydrocarbon-rich sample environments.

    NeoFox Sport is a fluorescence-based optical oxygen sensing system that includes a phase fluorometer, an onboard microprocessor with low-power OLED display, a user interface and a battery pack for convenient field use. The NeoFox Sport, combined with a probe or patch based sensor, is the perfect solution for field portable oxygen sensing. Probes, patches and accessories are priced separately


    The user interface allows you to set single- or multi-point calibration and display oxygen readings in percent of oxygen, partial pressure, moles per liter and more.

    Unlike polarographic and galvanic oxygen meters, the NeoFox Sport sensor is immune to environmental changes in pH, salinity and ionic strength. Plus, NeoFox Sport eliminates the need for frequent calibration.

    NeoFox Sport Electronics Specifications:
    Dimensions: 327.6 mm x 190.5 mm x 66.5 mm
    Weight: 928 g
    Principle: Photoluminescence quenching using a ruthenium compound: sensor measures O2 partial pressure
    Parameters measured: Luminescence phase shirt, AC luminescence intensity temperature (via optional external thermistor) and pressure (via onboard pressure transducer)
    Sensor coating formulations (sol gel embedded dyes): General purpose (FOXY), high-sensitivity (FOSPOR) and hydrocarbon-ready (HIOXY)
    Media: Gases and liquids
    Communications: USB, analog out
    External Power Supply Voltage

    Total Power Consumption
      (5V External Power, Charging, Typical)

    Total Power Consumption
     (5V External Power, Not Charging, Typical)
    Total Power Consumption
      (3.3V Battery Power, Typical)

    NeoFox Modular Power Consumption
      (3.3V Battery Power, Typical)

    Battery Life, Typical 3 Hr
    Data Logging Rate, Maximum 1 Hz
    4-20mA Output Accuracy at 25 ºC + 160 µA
    0-5V Output Accuracy at 25 ºC + 50 mV
    Electronics Operating Temperature

    0 ºC
    55 ºC