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BioGenex EZ-Retriever System MW014-MO
    BioGenex EZ-Retriever System MW014-MO
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    • BioGenex EZ-Retriever System MW014-MO

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    BioGenex EZ-Retriever System MW014-MO, Antigen Retrieval System for Dewaxing and Rehydration

    EZ-Retriever System is a microwave based time and temperature controlled antigen Retrieval system used for dewaxing, rehydration and antigen retrieval of formalin fixed
    paraffin embedded tissue sections. This system resolves the issues of inconsistency from using different types of antigen retrieval methods with varying maximum power levels, different solution volumes and heating time.

    Antigen Retrieval is an effective way of unmasking antigenic epitopes on the surface of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections using microwave heating. BioGenex is the inventor of antigen retrieval enabling technology.

    Covered by exclusive patents issued by BioGenex, this method to recover antigenicity in formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue sections has been routinely practiced in Laboratories throughout the world.

    This system facilitates standardization of dewaxing and Antigen Retrieval protocols and ensures high quality, reproducible results.

    • Dewax, Rehydration and Antigen Retrieval in 20 min
    • Programmable time and temperature control
    • 96 slides in one run
    • User friendly interface
    • User defined protocols for versatility
    • Default factory protocols for convenience and consistency in results
    • Ease of Use
    Conventional Method VS BioGenex
    EZ Method
    Conventional Method
    • Deparaffinization and Rehydration - 30 mins    
    • Antigen Retrieval - 20 mins
    • Total time - 50 mins
    BioGenex EZ Method
    • Deparaffinization and Rehydration - 10 mins    
    • Antigen Retrieval - 10 mins
    • Total time - 20 mins
      EZ-Retriever System v.2.2(230V) EZ-Retriever System v.3(110V)
    Dimensions 510 mm W X 380 mm H X 410 mm D 20.4” W x 16.2”D x 11.7”H (520mm W X 415mm D X 360mm H)
    Weight 17 kgs 37.5 lbs or 17 kgs
    Oven Capacity 25 litres 1.0 cu-ft or 27 litres
    Microwave Power 900 W 1100 W
    Voltage 230V, 50Hz 110V, 60Hz
    Slide Capacity 96 slides/run 96 slides/run
    Instrument Accessories:
    Name Quantity
    Microwave Probe Tank 1
    Microwave Tank 3
    Slide Rack 4
    Tank Holder 1
    Turntable 1
    Rotating Ring 1
    Ventilation Ductb [optional in EZ-Retriever® System v.3 (110V)] 1
    Collarb [optional in EZ-Retriever® System v.3 (110 V) 1

    aSpecifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    Microsoft Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

    bCollar and Ventilation Duct are used together

    BioGenex EZ-Retriever®System v.2.2 has a provision for compliance to Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelinesPRESENTATION FLYER
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    Cat. No. Product Name Pack size
    MW013-MO EZ-Retriever®System v.2.2(230V) Each
    MW014-MO EZ-Retriever®System v.3(110V) Each

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    MW014-MO EZ-Retriever System v.3(110V)
    MW013-MO EZ-Retriever System v.2.2(230V)