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Linkam LTS120 Peltier Stage System
    Linkam LTS120 Peltier Stage System
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    • Linkam LTS120 Peltier Stage System

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      Vendor: Linkam
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    The LTS120 peltier system includes a simple easy to use temperature control microscope stage that utilises a 40x40mm peltier element to control the temperature of your sample mounted on a regular microscope slide which can be moved by 15mm in X and Y directions.

    The sample area is easily accessed by a large swing out lid. Simply place your sample in the stage and set up a temperature control profile either using the touchscreen LCD display of the PE95 controller or add the Linksys 32 software and record the dataplot of of the experiment.

    Add the Linksys 32 DV digital image capture option to save a gallery of time lapse images with your temperature data.

    Samples temperature can be controlled from 0.1 to 30°C/min in the range of -25 to 120°C using the supplied water circulator.

    To get down to -40°C add a cryo-circulator.

    The stage body has gas valves to enable gas purging of the sample environment.

    The LTSE120 version of this system has electrical connectors inside the sample chamber to enable electrical measurements to be made on the sample while varying sample temperature.


    • Temperature Range -40°C* to 120°C (* F200 cryogenic water circulatory needed)
    • Sample area of 40x40mm
    • 15mm XY manipulation as standard
    • Sample holder for standard 76x26mm microscope slides
    • Quick-release gas valves for atmospheric control
    • Swing out lid for easy sample loading
    • Can be used with transmitted or reflected light
    • Mounts directly to microscope table or substage
    • Stage body size: 166x90x24mm
    • 100 Ohm platinum sensor
    • Temperature stability and accuracy to 0.1°C
    • Maximum heating / cooling rate of 30°C/min
    • Response time of <1 second at 5°C/min at 50°C
    • Objective lens minimum working distance: 6mm
    • Condenser lens minimum working distance: 13.2mm