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Linkam GS350 Temperature Gradient Stage
    Linkam GS350 Temperature Gradient Stage
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    • Linkam GS350 Temperature Gradient Stage

      Product Code: LINK_GS350
      Vendor: Linkam
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    With this advanced temperature gradient stage it is possible to program extremely accurate gradients across the sample.

    Two heating elements are perfectly aligned to ensure uniform thermal contact between the temperature controlled surface and the sample media. The heating elements are separated by a 2.5mm gap and can be controlled to 0.1C from -196 to 350°C allowing large precise temperature gradients to be set up.

    The T95-Linksys controller and Linksys 32 software enables the precision stepper motor to control the position and the speed of sample movement between the two elements and can be used to determine speed of crystal growth and allow the crystallisation front to remain in the field of view. The stepper motor control also enables extremely fast heating or cooling by quickly transferring the sample from one element to the other.

    To cool samples from ambient down to -196°C, the LNP95 liquid nitrogen cooling system is included.


    • Temperature range -196° to 350°C
    • Fast heating rates up to 30°C/min
    • Fast cooling rates up to 30°C/min
    • Temperature stability <0.1°C
    • 16 mm sample manipulation
    • Sample area 22 mm diameter
    • Gas tight chamber for atmospheric control
    • 100ohm platinum resistor sensor. 1/10th Din
    • Light aperture - 2.5mm ∅ for high accuracy control
    • Nickel plated copper heating block for high thermal conductivity
    • Direct injection of the coolant into the heating element
    • Objective lens minimum working distance: 4.6mm
    • Condenser lens minimum working distance: 12.5mm
    • Can be used with all optical microscope techniques
    • Suitable for Confocal, Laser Raman and X-Ray