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KD-Series Semprex Stage
    KD-Series Semprex Stage
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    • KD-Series Semprex Stage

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    K64 Disk Microscope Stage with X-Theta Encoders 

    • Drop-down coaxial X-Y knobs and Theta rotation knob
    • Hub supports hard disks on inner edge above stage, keeping sensitive surfaces free from contact
    • Thin cross-section (1.9") allows stage to work with most microscopes including Leica, Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss
    • Proprietary KORE-FRAME design directly links X and Y axes in single metal piece for excellent squareness, flatness, and precision
    • Unique all hardened steel friction drive for backlash-free operation prevents damage even when forced against the end-stops
    • Proven to outperform and last much longer than other systems
    • Ball bearing slides made from single piece hardened alloy steel use precision ball bearings for smooth, free running, consistent travel
    • Large metal knobs for more precise positioning
    • Available with 5 or 1 micron, 0.025 degree resolution encoders
    • Linear accuracy calibrated to less than 1 micron error in 5000; flatness and straightness of travel better than 1 in 5000
    • Cross-roller bearing slide mechanism for extra precision and rigidity
    • 2-axis or 3-axis digital readout with large LED display and RS232 serial interface included

    Technical Specifications

    Part Number Description
    12-3000.00 KM3 Micrometer Stage, 3x3 X-Y, Transm. w/Glass
    12-3002.00 KM3 Micrometer Stage, 3x3 X-Y, Reflected
    15-0712.00 Digimatic 1"/25mm Micrometer w/LCD Display
    15-1162.00 Digimatic 2"/50mm Micrometer w/LCD & Speed Knob
    15-1221.00 Manual 25mm Micrometer, 0.001 Graduation
    15-1237.00 Manual 1" Micrometer, 0.0001 Graduation
    15-1255.00 Manual 50mm Micrometer, 0.01 Graduation
    15-1271.00 Manual 2" Micrometer, 0.001 Graduation

    *Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Ordering Information:

    A microscope mount MUST be specified (see Mounting)

    A micrometer or micrometer shank dimension MUST be specified.

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