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Jaz for Light Measurment Jaz-ULM-200
    Jaz for Light Measurment Jaz-ULM-200
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    • Jaz for Light Measurment Jaz-ULM-200

      Product Code: JAZULM200
      Vendor: Ocean Optics
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    Ocean Optics Jaz for Light Measurment Jaz-ULM-200

    Jaz for Light Measurment

    Jaz Light Meter - pre-configured and pre-calibrated for light measurement

    Jaz-- the World's Coolest Modular Measuring Suite -- is now available for radiometric analysis of LEDs, flat panel displays, lamps and other radiant sources: the Jaz Light Meter.

    This pre-configured, pre-calibrated spectrometer suite is the ideal tool for quality control, lab and field measurements of LED chips, assemblies and other luminaires. With the Jaz Light Meter, and its onboard processor, you can measure spectral characteristics and calculate key parameters like Lux, Lumen, PAR and Watt values.

    The battery module enables you to measure for up to 8 full hours, without recharging, and Jaz's SD card slot gives you a convenient way to store spectral data.

    You can also download Jaz's data into SpectraSuite for post-processing and determining CIE color coordinates, color rendering indexes and color temperature.

    • PC-free operation and data storage
    • Small-footprint and portable
    • Rechargeable 8-hour battery module
    • SD card storage
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Reversed keypad orientation
    • Three Year Warranty

    Work Smarter:

    The Jaz Light Meter features a CCD-array spectrometer that can be optimized for a variety of radiometric measurements. Its microprocessor and onboard display means you can capture, process and store spectral data -- with or without a computer.

    Its Ethernet and battery modules deliver unmatched portability and storage via an SD card slot assures that you always have your work within reach.

    Software Your Way:

    The Jaz Light Meter comes with the dedicated absolute irradiance application, Jaz-A-IRRAD. This package is the perfect choice for light measurement, solar irradiance and monitoring the output of LEDs and other sources. Jaz-A-IRRAD gives you irradiance data on screen with only 3 clicks and it saves your data to your SD card for post-processing in SpectraSuite*. You can easily switch between graph mode and processing mode -- showing Lumen, Lux, PAR and Watt.

    Plus, when you add the new PARSpec plugin for SpectraSuite, you turn your Jaz into a powerful sensor for Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR).


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    Convenience is the Key!

    The Jaz Light Meter comes with a sturdy Pelican case, the Jaz-Pack carrying case for easy operation and has a tripod mount for easy setup and operation. 

    Everything You Need

    • Jaz Spectrometer with reversed-orientation keypad (perfect for irradiance measurements and more)
    • Grating 2, installed - 200-850 nm
    • 2000-series detector with 200-850 nm order sorting filter and UV upgrade
    • L2 detector collection lens
    • 10 µm slit
    • Side-mount module for hands-free operation
    • Battery module
    • Ethernet module (includes SD card for data storage)
    • Direct-attach cosine corrector
    • Spectroradiometric calibration service (300-1050 nm)
    • Jaz-Mount for hands-free operation
    • Jaz-A-IRRAD Software for irradiance measurement*
    • JazPack carrying case with shoulder holster
    • Rugged Pelican Case
    *SpectraSuite Software extra.