Jaz EL 200 Portable UV - VIS Spectrometer

Jaz EL 200 Portable UV - VIS Spectrometer
Code: JAZEL200
Vendor: Ocean Optics


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Ocean Optics Jaz EL 200 Portable UV/VIS Spectrometer

Jaz pre-configured Spectrometers

The Jaz EL 200 is a portable UV and VIS Spectrometer with an intergated 8 hour Lithium-Ion battery. The Jaz EL 200 is especially useful for applications such as solar irradiance measurements, fluorescence of plants and marine organisms and chlorophyll analysis of leaves and other agricultural samples.

With its extended-life battery, Ethernet capability and PC-free operation, Jaz is well suited for a host of agricultural, ecological and environmental applications: soil and fruit ripening analysis for wineries, orchards and other farming concerns; monitoring of artificial greenhouse lighting used in the horticulture industry; and water quality analysis of lakes, streams and other surface waters, for environmental monitoring agencies.

  • Jaz Spectrometer
  • Grating #1 (200-850 nm)
  • Detector 200-850 nm
  • INTSMA-25 - 25 µm slit
  • L2 light collection lens
  • Battery Module
  • SpectraSuite Software
  • 3 Year Warranty

Jaz Solar Spectrum

Jaz Solar Spectrum