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ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System
    ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System
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    • ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System

      Product Code: ISS2
      Vendor: Ocean Optics
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    Ocean Optics ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System

    The ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System is a fully integrated 1-cm cuvette holder and tungsten halogen light source for relative absorbance measurements. It couples to Ocean Optics spectrometers with optical fiber to create a small-footprint system for VIS-NIR (~360-1100 nm) applications.


    ISS-2 Intergrated Sampling System Specifications:

    Path length:

    1 cm

    Collimating lens material:

    BK 7 glass (~360 nm-2 µm),

    Collimating lens diameter: 5 mm
    Focal length: 10 mm

    Collimating lens termination:

    SMA 905

    Filter slot:

    Accepts filters up to 1/4" (6.35 mm) in thickness

    Base material:


    Spectral range:

    360 nm-2 µm


    155.0 mm x 50.0 mm x 53.3 mm (LWH) 3.5" x 2.0" x 1.25" (LWH)

    Power input:

    12 VDC/800 mA, 7-20 VDC/0.5-2 amps

    Power output:

    6.5 watts

    Bulb life:

    900 hours

    Output to bulb:

    5 volts/1.3 amps

    Output regulation:

    0.2% voltage

    Time to stabilized output:

    ~30 minutes


    • Capacity to hold 1-cm square cuvette
    • Spring-loaded ball plunger screws that allow for precise cuvette positioning
    • 900-hour replaceable bulb
    • Built-in fan to cool the lamp underneath the lamp
    • 5-mm diameter f/2 collimating lens
    • Built-in filter slot for 1/4" filters
    • 12 VDC power supply and power cord