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HCP Series Hot/Cold Plates
    HCP Series Hot/Cold Plates
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    • HCP Series Hot/Cold Plates

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      Vendor: Instec
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    Instec HCP Series hot and cold plate systems provide ultra temperature uniformity and stability (better than ±0.1°C). The flat surface of the Hot and Cold Plate is precision temperature controlled and ideal for lab scale wafer processing and testing, FPD (Flat Panel Display) evaluation, and other material research applications. These models are also ideal economic substitutes for Rapid Hot and cold Annealing systems.

    Instec's basic hot and cold plate systems consist of a hot and cold platform, a STC200 Series standalone temperature controller, and WinTemp - a Windows based software.


    • High Temperature Hot and Cold Plate System
    • Precision Temperature Control from -40°C to 400°C with 0.1°C Temperature Precision
    • Controlled Fast Heating and Cooling Rate
    • Thin Enough to Sit on Microscope or Other Probing Stages
    • Optional Cover for Gas Purge and Defrosting of Sample Area
    • Optional Spacer to Increase Sample Chamber Height
    • Configured with STC200 Standalone Temperature Controller with RS232 Communication Port and Windows Based Software
    • Optional IEEE488 Communication Port
    • Free LabVIEW Drivers for IEEE488 and RS232
    • Higher Temperature Limits Available through Special Order


    Model Sample Size Temperature Range* Maximum Heating Rate
    HCP204SC 4" x 4" -40°C to 200°C 60°C/minute at 100_C
    HCP304SC 4" x 4" -40°C to 310°C 60°C/minute at 100°C
    HCP206SC 6" x 6" -40°C to 200°C 60°C/minute at 100°C
    HCP306SC 6" x 6" -40°C to 310°C 60°C/minute at 100°C
    HCP208SC 8" x 8" -30°C to 200°C 50°C/minute at 100°C
    HCP308SC 8" x 8" -30°C to °C 50°C/minute at 100°C
    HCP20CSC 12" x 12" -20°C to 200°C 40°C/minute at °C
    HCP30CSC 12" x 12" -20°C to 310°C 40°C/minute at °C

    *Below ambient operation requires LN2 cooling accessory.