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Shimadzu BW22KH BW/K Series
    Shimadzu BW22KH BW/K Series
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    • Shimadzu BW22KH BW/K Series

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      Vendor: Shimadzu
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    WindowsDirect function

    The balance communicates directly to a PC with Windows® applications. No additional software is needed to interface with spreadsheet, database, word processing, and laboratory software. WindowsDirect function works Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, Me and XP. PC must be IBM PC/AT compatible.

    Superior durability

    The simple structure and overload protection mechanism results in maximum durability.

    Guaranteed sensitivity

    Internal resolution is one digit finer level than display, so even minimum readout is highly reliable and stable.

    Selectable weighing modes

    Best measurement modes depending on the purpose and environment can be selected with ease.

    Built-in calibration weight (BW-K Series only)

    BW-K Series is equipped with built-in calibration weight. Operator is released from weight maintenance. A single lever operation is all that is needed to load the weight for calibration.

    Analog display modes

    Full range

    Bar graph clearly indicates the total weight (including the tare) as a portion of the balance capacity.


    Select a target weight and tolerance. The display clearly indecates when they are reached.


    Set an upper and lower limit. The display continually indicates whether the sample is within the range "Go", over range "HI" or under range "LO." Choose one of the two bar graph display modes.(No signal output)


    Model Capacity Minimum display Pan size (mm)
    BW12KH 12kg 0.1g 345 x 250
    BW22KH 22kg 0.1g 345 x 250
    BW32KH 32kg 0.1g 345 x 250
    BW32KS 32kg 1g 345 x 250
    BW52KS 52kg 1g 345 x 250