0.6mL Siliconized G-Tube, Flat-Top Microcentrifuge Tube

0.6mL Siliconized G-Tube, Flat-Top Microcentrifuge Tube
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Designed for use in biotechnology laboratories such as preparing samples for thermal cycling or whenever complete sample recovery is important. The Siliconized G-Tube Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tube is molded from a siliconized virgin polypropylene that exhibits extremely low surface adhesion providing maximum sample recovery.

The siliconized G-Tube is built for high impact usage and will withstand over 30,000 x g when spun. Thicker walls make this the tube of choice for extreme stress, high spinning speeds, boiling, chemical resistance, and freezing. Will withstand temperatures of -80°C to 121°C (-112°F to 250°F).


  • No special locking cap devices needed
  • Safe sample deposit
  • Highest impact tube strength with the smoothest interior surface
  • Lid Closure: The flat top lid forms an extra-tight seal that will not come open during processing, yet it's easy to open with thumb pressure or a Bio Plas MicroTube Tool.
  • Inscribing Patches: All flat top tubes have a textured writing surface on top of the caps.
  • Finish: The interior has the smoothest, most highly polished surface of any tube on the market. The walls are non-wettable, preventing liquids from adhering to the sides.
  • Needle Access: You can easily insert a needle through the target in the exact center of the lid.

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4162SL 0.6ml Siliconized G-Tube (Bulk, 500 pcs)
4162SLS 0.6ml Siliconized G-Tube, Individually Wrapped, Sterile (250 pcs)