0.5-10uL Eppendorf Ultra Micro Tip

0.5-10uL Eppendorf Ultra Micro Tip
Code: BP-1310
SKU: 1310
Vendor: Bio Plas


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Product Details


Designed to fit the full range of Eppendorf, Pipetman and Oxford Benchmate Ultra Micro Pipetters. Thin, tapered delivery end eliminates carryover during pipetting. Manufactured with natural virgin polypropylene and warranted to be trace metal free. Racked pipet tips allow the user to mount pipet tips in one efficient motion. The rack design features a seamless bottom that does not ̉breathe inÓ bench debris and contaminate tips when rack lid is opened..

Racks are autoclavable to 250°F for 15 minutes at 15 psi.

Technical Information

Length 1 3/4 in
Replaces Eppendorf 0.5-10 µL
Oxford Benchmate 0.5-10 µL

Catalog Information

SKU Description
1310 Ultra Micro Tip, 1.5-10µL - Bulk Bag (1000 pcs)
1310RN Ultra Micro Tip, 1.5-10µL - Racked (96 x 10)
1310RS Ultra Micro Tip, 1.5-10µL - Racked & Sterilized (96 x 10)