Motic BA300 Biological Microscope

Motic BA300 Biological Microscope
Code: BA300BIO
Vendor: Motic


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new BA300 biological microscope delivers uncompromised optical clarity thanks to its integrated Color Corrected Infinity System (CCIS). The unit's superior ergonomic design and robust mechanical structure make it an ideal instrument for laboratory and research applications and a great platform for future expansion.

Motic's own CCIS optical design incorporated into the BA300 maximizes optical compatibility as well as the opportunity for future additions. The microscope can be fitted with optional accessories such as simple Phase Contrast, Darkfield as well as Polarizing equipment without affecting optical quality.

The BA300 is designed with the user in mind. Careful consideration has gone into the ergonomic design of the microscope as a whole as well as the placement of such vital elements as the focusing knobs and the coaxial mechanical stage controls. This design effort culminates in a microscope, which provides fatigue free operation even over long periods of usage.

The wide arm provides solid support and stability, perfect for high-magnification operation while the inverted "Y"design of the back gives the microscope a small footprint saving vital desk space in modern laboratories.

The light source is arguably the most important factor in any microscope. The BA300 features a powerful 6V/30W Quartz Halogen Koehler illumination system providing bright and even illumination at any setting and magnification. This flexible light source with built-in intensity control is perfect for all-round microscopy - not just Brightfield.

In order to maintain absolute parfocality, the BA300's eyepieces are mounted in a Siedentopf head allowing the tube length to remain a constant even when interpupillary distance adjustments are made. Adding to the ergonomic theme of this microscope, the head is inclined at an optimal 30i for posture management.

A trinocular version is also available featuring a professional light distribution slider of 100% binocular or 100% photo making it ideal for photo microscopy applications.

With Widefield 10X eyepieces as standard allowing for a field of view of 20mm, the BA300 offers impeccable optics as well as a large overview of your slide.

Independent diopter adjustments on each eyepiece - rather than on the eyepiece tube- is a professional feature usually reserved on more expensive models.Users wearing eye-glasses will find our eyepieces' higheyepoint design very comfortable to use. Various reticules for measurement and counting are also available for these eyepieces.

This professional design of the nosepiece means that when using the BA300, the user has more space to change specimen slides therefore limiting any damage to the slides or the objectives. The nosepiece itself features a ball-bearing mechanism with positive click-stop to ensure that each change of magnification is accurate and centered.

The BA300 features a large (174mm x 145mm) hard coated mechanical stage with a travel range of 76mm x 50mm. Controlling the movement of the stage is made easy with low-positioned coaxial control knobs. The stage surface is protected with a special hard coating protecting it against abrasion and fungus growth.

The standard substage condenser is mounted to the microscope using a dovetail mount and can be adjusted through a rack and pinion mechanism ensuring a durable and smooth range of adjustments.

An optional condenser with a slot for the Motic 3-position phase contrast slider (Ph10X, BF, Ph40x) can easily be fitted for quick phase contrast microscopy.

A further option on the BA300 is Motic's phase contrast turret condenser with a numerical aperture of 1.25 and five different positions. The turret condenser comes with two choices for Ph10x, Ph20x, Ph40x, Ph100x, BF or Ph10x, Ph40x, Ph100x, BF, DF. These condensers offer maximum flexibility when rapid and easy changes between illumination and contrasting
275 techniques are required.

The BA300 has an arsenal of high-quality objectives to choose from. Motic CCIS EF Plan objectives offer brilliant, crisp and high-contrast images with high working distances and numerical apertures. Optional Motic CCIS Plan Achromat and CCIS IP Plan Phase Achromat objectives are also available for even more outstanding optical performance.

Types of Objectives
ObjectivesTypesNumerical ApertureWorking Distance
Achromat Objectives
EF PL4X0.10 9
EF PL10X0.25 5
EF PL40X0.650.6
EF PL100X1.25 0.2
CCIS Plan Achromat
Achromat Objectives
PL4X0.10 9
PL40X0.65 0.6
PL100X1.25 0.2
CCIS Plan Achromat
Phase Objectives
PL Ph10X0.25 5
PL Ph20X0.40 1.5
PL Ph40X0.65 0.6
PL Ph100X1.25 0.2

It goes without saying that a high-performance microscope such as the BA300 is protected against fungus growth. Therefore, all critical parts of the microscope such as Eyepieces, Objectives and Observation Tube are treated to ensure image clarity and optical performance.


Technical Specifications

Optical SystemCCIS (Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System) Parfocal distance:45mm
Observation TubeSiedentopf type Binocular tube 30_
Siedentopf type Trinocular tube 30_ (light distribution: binocular 100%, binocular/photo: 0/100)
EyepieceWidefield high eyepoint WF 10X (FN20) with diopter adjustment
Coarse/Fine focusingControl knobs coaxially positioned;movement per rotation: 42mm coarse/0.2mm fine;minimum increment:2mm
coarse motion torque adjustable;upper stage drive stop incorporated.
StageRectangular 174 x 145mm surface area;76 x 50mm cross travel range using low-positioned coaxial X and Y control knob on the right hand
side. A hard coating protects the stage surface from abrasion and wear. Vertical movement range - 27mm
Substage Illumination6V/30W Quartz halogen lamp.
FilterBlue, green, yellow and ND filter

Options & Accessories

Specification with CCIS - Colour Corrected Infinity Optical SystemOrder Number
CCIS ObjectivesCCIS EF Plan Achromat CCIS EF PL 4X SG01S012B5
CCIS EF PL 100X SG01S062B5
CCIS Plan Achromat CCIS PL4X
CCIS PL10XSG01S02286
CCIS PL20XSG01S03286
CCIS PL40XSG01S04286
CCIS PL100XSG01S06286
CCIS Plan Achromat PhasePL Ph10X
PL Ph20X SG01S03288
PL Ph40XSG01S04288
PL Ph100X SG01S06288
EyepiecesWFPL 10X/20, with diopter adjustment and rubber eyeshield
WFPL 10X/20 with cross line+20SG02S0155
WFPL 12.5X/16SG02S1301
WFPL 15X/14.5SG02S0504A
Binocular TubeSiedentopf Type F.O.V. 20mm
Trinocular TubeSiedentopf Type F.O.V. 20mm SP100296
CondenserN.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser AB3348J08A
N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with slider slotAB3348J08
Phase contrast 5 position (10X, 20X, 40X, 100X, BF) turret condenser SG030501
Phase contrast 5 position (10X, 40X, 100X, BF, DF) turret condenserSG030502
Sliders3-position phase slider (10X, BF, 40X) AB3348J09
Slider for simple darkfield (10X-40X) AB3348J28
Photo AdapterRequires one of the photo eyepieces below SP100294
Photo Eyepieces for Photomicrography2.5X SG02S1001
C-Mount Camera Adapter1XSP100295
Phase Centering telescope+30SG069993
FiltersYellow 45mm dia. SG060728
Green 45mm dia.SG060726
Blue 45mm dia.SG060727
Neutral Density (ND2) 45mm dia.SG060768