BioGenex Xmatrx Diagnostics AS4000B

BioGenex Xmatrx Diagnostics AS4000B
Code: AS4000B
Vendor: BioGenex


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BioGenex Xmatrx Diagnostics Molecular Pathology Instrument AS4000B

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Elegance on the Glass Slide... Microtome to Microscope  

Xmatrx Diagnostics is the most advanced platform technology for molecular pathology laboratories of today, tomorrow and beyond. It automates more technologies and staining steps than any other system available today. It supports IHC, ISH, and FISH.

 Xmatrx Diagnostics Standardized process for complete automation of baking through final coverslip in three simple steps


  • Walk away Automation-RFID tagged reagent vials and bar coded slides
  • Liquid level sensor ensures accurate dispensing and real time reagent tracking
  • Redundant automated process to eliminate human error
  • Adaptable workflow solution with complete automation
  • Multi-functional system supports-IHC ,ISH and FISH
  • Multi -format specimen processing
  • Standardized process from backing through final cover slip -ready for viewing
  • Optimized protocols and ready-to-use reagents
  • Efficient use of resources,free up highly skilled technicians for more demanding tasks
  • High throughput of 60 slides in eight hours
  • Start delayed run and return to view the completed slides
  • Short learning curve allows cross-training and rotation of personnel
  • LIS enabled digital data tracking and management
  • Predictable cost structure
  • Reduced reagent consumption
  • More productivity per square foot of laboratory space

Slide Capacity


Reagent Capacity

49 for IHC/ SS/ ISH
30 for FISH

Temperature Uniformity

Within ± 2 °C

Reagent Dispense Volumes

70 µl - 850 µl

Heating Time

25°C to 95°C < 2 minutes

Cooling Time

95°C to 25°C < 2 minutes


29”/73.7 cm D 46”/116.8 cm W 59”/149.9 cm H


400 lbs/182 Kg

Operating Temperature

15-30oC (59-86oF)

Electrical Specifications

110V or 230V (60Hz or 50Hz)

User Interface

Proprietary BioGenex software running on Microsoft® WindowsXP


Software Features:
Graphical User Interface
  Color-coded graphic user interface
Real-Time Slide Map
Reagent Map
  Fast, easy, and flexible way to set up protocols
Edit Slide function
Edit Protocol function
Run time query
Continuous access
Operating System
Report Generation
  Provides case number, physician name, specimen type, and reagent usage
Concise reports with information on run parameters, test protocols, and reagent lot for proper documentation
Enhanced reporting module permits new reports to be generated on user’s needs without any change in the software
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