AlphaBright QTH Light Source

AlphaBright QTH Light Source
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AlphaBright QTH VIS-NIR Light Source

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Broadband scientific light source for scientists and engineers needing intense VIS-NIR light coupled through an optical fiber. The AlphaBright design also ensures light remains efficiently focused on the optical fibre cable when optical filters (available as accessories) are inserted into the filter holder.

AlphaBright is much brighter than alternative designs making it the ideal choice for
applications requiring an intense VIS-NIR light source. AlphaBright increases the proportion
of light entering the optical fibre by positioning a plano-convex lens at its focal length from
the end of the optical fibre cable. To direct even more light towards the optical fibre cable, the AlphaBright also contains a convex mirror positioned behind the bulb.

By directing brighter light onto the sample signal to noise ratio is improved and ultimately the reliability of measurement data. AlphaBright offers real advantages for experiments involving measurements from a distance or analysis of poorly reflecting materials.

The power supply has been chosen for its stable output ensuring minimal light intensity fluctuations. The light source warms-up in 10 minutes after which time its intensity is stable to within 0.1%.

The unit arrives for immediate, optimal performance.

  • Brighter light for better signal to noise ratio
  • Optimized for use with filters
  • Stable Optical Output
AlphaBright absolute spectral irradiance AlphaBright Light Source Warm Up Data
AlphaBright absolute spectral irradiance AlphaBright Light Source Warm Up Data
AlphaBright performance characteristics have been tested and verified by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington.
Physical Dimensions
Dimensions 122mm x 80mm x 52 mm
Weight 500g
Fibre coupling SMA (FC/PC and other options also available)
Technical Characterization
Spectral Range 400nm – 3000 nm
Time to stabilize 10 minutes
Stability +/- 0.4% from cold
+/- 0.1% following 10 minute warm-up
Drift/Fluctuation > 0.05%
Power Supply Specifications
Input 90V – 264V AC; 47Hz – 63Hz
Output 6V DC, 4.16A
Operating temperature 0°C – 70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Bulb Specifications
Bulb Type Quartz Tungsten Halogen G4 type
Bulb Voltage 6V
Bulb Watts 20 W
Bulb Lifetime 2,000 hours
Bulb Color Temperature 2,850 °Kelvin
Luminous flux 280 lumen
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