Direct-Drive High Vacuum Pump 8917A

Direct-Drive High Vacuum Pump 8917A
Code: 8917A
Vendor: Welch
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Direct-Drive High Vacuum Pump 8917A

Welch Direct-Drive High Vacuum Pump 8917A

The Welch Direct Drive High Vacuum Pump 8917A achieve vacuum levels down to 1x10-4 torr (0.1 micron) with flows up to 11.3 CFM ideal for use with the Shel Lab Model 1465 Series 4.5 cubic foot capacity Vacuum Oven as well as a variety of laboratory applications.

For many applications, Welch Dry Vacuum Pumps will provide drying speeds equal to those of traditional, oil-seal pumps.  This means you can upgrade to a cleaner vacuum pump that is easier to maintain.

Suitable samples include: Foods (Nuts, Cheeses, Fruits, etc), Cosmetics, wet or surface-coated samples needing moisture dryoff, chemicals drying, solvent evaporation, and many others. If your samples can be processed at 3 torr – 10 torr pressure levels, a dry pump will work well in 0.67 cubic foot, 1.7 cubic foot, and even 4.5 cubic foot capacity Shel-Lab Vacuum Ovens.

For electronic component bakeout, curing, or other samples requiring pressures of 1-3 torr, Welch Chemstar, DuoSeal (Belt Drive) and Direct Drive Oil-Seal High Vacuum Pumps are excellent choices for all size vacuum ovens.

Vacuum system configuration with a cold trap is recommended for use with harsh chemicals. Direct drive pumps are not recommended for filtration, aspiration, drying electrophoresis gels, or other applications requiring sustained operation above 30 torr.


Features: Ideal for:
  • Easy Oil Change Valve
  • Cool Running
  • Compact Footprint
  • OEM Instrumentations
  • Unibarb
  • Laboratory Applications
  • General Vacuum Work
  • Centrifugal Concentrators
  • Vacuum Ovens
  • Freeze Dryers
  • SEM's
  • Annular Spaces / Transfer Lines
Free Air Displacement

CFM (L/min) @ 60Hz

6.1 (173)

(L/min) m3/hr @ 50Hz

(144) 8.61
Ultimate Pressure (Torr) 1 x 10 -4
Sound Level,dBA 50
Motor/Pump Speed (60Hz) 1725
Motor Horsepower (watts) 1/2 (370)
Oil Capacity, qt. (liters) 0.8 (0.76)
Tubing Needed, I.D. in.5 13/16, 7/6
Intake Connection Unibarb
Exhaust Connection6 1-20
Weight, lbs (kg) 48(22)
Dimensions L x W x H in. (cm) 18.5x6.5x9.6
Ship Weight, lbs (kg) 53(24)
Shipping Carton Dimensions
L x W x H in. (cm)
Electrical Wired for 115V, 60 Hz, 1 PH with N. American 115V Plug


  1. Models 8905 through 8925 include Unibarb.
  2. Two-stage pumps should not be operated continuously at pressures above 10 Torr.
  3. Exhaust filters not included.


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