SCILOGEX OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer

SCILOGEX OS40-S LED Digital Overhead  Stirrer
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SKU: 84020101
Vendor: Scilogex


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Product Details

OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer Features:

  • Analog speed control is displayed on the LED display
  • High torque for viscous medium stirring
  • Over torque protection automatically stops the motor
  • A through-shaft design allows for easy adjustment of the impeller position
  • Large chuck diameter for many shaft types
  • Pass through stirrer rods accepted
  • Multi voltage

OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer Specifications:

Maximum stirring capacity : 40 Liters
Maximum torque : 60Ncm
Viscosity maximum : 50000mPas
Speed range : 50-2200rpm
Speed display accuracy : ▒ 3rpm
Speed display resolution : ▒ 1rpm
Chuck diameter range : 0.5-10mm
Dimensions : 3.3W x 8.7H x 7.3Dinches
Motor rating input : 120W
Motor rating output : 100W
Weight : 5.5lbs
Voltage : 110-220Volts 50/60Hz, 130W

OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer Ordering Information:

Catalog No. : Model


: OS40-S LED╩Digital Overhead Stirrer, 40L capacity, 110V, 60Hz

OS40-S LED Digital Overhead Stirrer Accessories:

Catalog No. Description
18900131 : Plate stand with support rod and clamp 18900131-Plate-stand.jpg
18900071 : Cross stirrer, 316L stainless steel
18900072 : Straight stirrer, 316L stainless steel
18900073 : Paddle stirrer, 316L stainless steel
18900074 : Centrifugal stirrer, 316L stainless steel
18900075 : Cross stirrer, PTFE coated 18900075-Cross-Stirrer-PTFE-Coated.jpg
18900076 : Straight stirrer, PTFE coated 18900076-Straight-Stirrer-PTFE-Coated.jpg
18900077 : Paddle stirrer, PTFE coated 18900077-Paddle-Stirrer-PTFE-Coated.jpg
18900078 : Centrifrugal stirrer, PTFE coated 18900078-Centrifugal-Stirrer-PTFE-Coated.jpg