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RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator
    RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator
    Purchase RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator
    • RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator

      Product Code: 8024301
      Vendor: IKA
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    RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator

    IKA RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator 8024301

    2009 Product Design Award

    2 Year Warranty

    The newly developed product line from IKA in ergonomic, compact design with innovative functions to improve operating results. Rotary evaporators with integrated heating bath HB 10 control (3 litre) incl. space saving vertical glassware (1 litre).

    • Safe and simple operation through ergonomically shaped operator unit in the front area
    • Motorised lift (stroke 140 mm) with "safety stop" function, if the power cuts out the evaporator piston is automatically lifted out of the heating bath.
    • Adjustable end position recognition to protect the glass from breaking
    • Speed range from 20 to 280 rpm
    • Smooth start from 100 rpm
    • Digital speed display
    • Moves right and left in interval operation for the drying process
    • Timer function for time lapse controls
    • Water-oil heating bath with integrated carry handles with safe handling
    • Heats up quickly because of optimised bath volumes
    • Cooling surface 1,200 cm²
    • Push-off mechanism to loosen tightly fitting pistons
    • Digital water - oil heating bath with integrated carry handles
    • Temperature control of the heating bath by a micro controller
    • Digital temperature display
    • Infrared interface for data transfer from the heating bath to the drive unit
    • RS 232 interface for PC remote operation with labworldsoft
    • Automatic operation with labworldsoft
    • Integrated vacuum controller with central display for automatic distilling and ramp programming
    • Integrated solvent library, extendible by the client
    • Distillation specific parameters stored for standard distillation
    • Automatic transfer of measurements and distillation type with one key press
    • Volume controlled distillation processes programmable
    • Colour graphic display for safe and comfortable device operation
    • Display of distillation curves
    • Multiple languages
    • Automatic ventilation after the end of the test
    • Cooling water switched off automatically after the end of the test
    • Integrated cooling water monitoring
    • Heating bath safety management: automatic heating bath monitoring with distillation stop in case of temperature errors
    • Heating bath switched off automatically after the end of the test
    • USB interface
    • Suitable for DIN EN 12697-3 (Asphalt test for hot asphalt)

    Click here for a PDF About IKA RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator 8024301
    Click here for a PDF Manual for IKA RV 10 Control V Rotary Evaporator 8024301
    Click here for a PDF of IKA RV 10 Brochure




    Applications Inculde
    Recycling of solvents
    Thanks to its precise and safe heating functions the new IKA rotary evaporator RV 10 can easily be employed for the recapturing of clean acetone from used laboratory acetone. The adjustable safety circuit, the safety hood and the carrying handles are essential safety features supporting you when it comes to the recycling of solvents.

    Performance of extractions
    With the new RV 10 rotary evaporator and the multiple glassware options available, e.g. the vertical-condenser for reflux distillation - extraction is a breeze - whether you extract essential plant oil or comparable substances. No matter what your sample size is the reflux condenser guarantees the best results.

    Concentrating of active agents
    Elevating the concentration of medical agents like eucalyptus oil can be so safe and easy when using the RV 10 rotary evaporator. Especially when working with expensive samples you want to make sure to avoid the all too common "bumps"? With the new RV 10's automatic bath shut-off and evaporating flask lift-out mechanism ensures that expensive sample bumps are a thing of the past.

    Drying of powders
    The IKA RV 10 is one of a kind, the only rotary evaporator on the market that features a clockwise / counter-clockwise interval rotation scheme. Thus in combination with the powder flask you optimize the drying of all types of colored pigments and powders while saving time and money.

    Separating of substance mixtures
    Due to new and innovative built-in features the IKA RV 10 is a workhorse for general laboratory separation of all non azeotropic mixtures such as water-acetone. Some unique features are the high-precision heating bath temperature setting and the expandable solvent library.

    Distillation of solvents with a low boiling point
    With our dry ice condenser option distillations of solvents with low boiling points are possible and maximum condensation is achieved due to very low temperatures. This is applied for example in chloroform distillation.

    Distillation of temperature sensitive substances under vacuum
    Due to the RV 10's accurate and constant heating bath temperature control sensor distillation of temperature sensitive substances under vacuum is made easy. One example is the distillation of absinth under vacuum whereby the contained flavor is conserved.

    Distillation of oxygen sensitive substances under inert gas
    Due to the unique glassware design of the new RV 10, inert gas can easily be introduced into the glass condenser to inhibit the formation of unwanted compounds. A great feature when distilling ether without forming peroxide.

    Chemical synthesis with reflux
    The concentration and preparation of saprogenine through hydrolysis is possible due to our vertical intensive reflux condenser option. Thus maximizing the recovery.

    With cutting edge functionality and safety features the RV 10 makes retention of residual methanol during bio diesel purification processes possible. Distillation specific parameters are stored and turning your extraction into child's play.

    Type of cooling vertical
    Cooling surface 1200 cm2
    Motor principle DC
    Speed range 20 - 280 rpm
    Reversible direction of rotation yes
    Lift Motor
    Stroke 140 mm
    Heating temperature range room temp. - 180 °C
    Heat output 1300 W
    Heat control accuracy 1 ±K
    Bath volume max. 3 l
    Vacuum controller integrated yes
    Measurement accuracy +/- 2 mbar
    Vacuum adjustment range 1050 - 1 mbar
    Vacuum measurement range 1050 - 1 mbar
    Timer yes
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 500 x 430 x 410 mm
    Weight 21.5 kg
    Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
    Permissible relative moisture 80 %
    Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
    RS 232 interface yes
    Voltage 220 - 240 / 100 - 120 / 100 - 115 V
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power input 1400 W
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