Dual Digipot Control for XY Stage 73006372

Dual Digipot Control for XY Stage 73006372
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LEP Ludl MAC 6000 Dual Digipot Control for XY Stage 73006372

Most people learn to use a microscope with a compound XY mechanical stage. Control of the stage is often by means of a coaxial knob arrangement where the X and Y axes can be individually controlled with one hand. LEP offers an electronic version of that familiar control with the dual digipot control. The dual digipot control features the same intuitive, comfortable control of the manual version, but with digital ‘fly by wire’ features. A selectable dynamic gain feature enables quick traverse of
long distances without forfeiting the very fine precise control. When used with the precision LEP stages, critical alignments and making full use of the stage precision are easily accomplished.

Catalog Number Description
73006372 Dual digipot control for XY stage
73006373 Triple digipot contol for XY stage with additional focus control
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