MAC 6000 Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel Controller 73006081

MAC 6000 Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel  Controller 73006081
Code: 73006081
SKU: 73006081
Vendor: Ludl


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LEP Ludl MAC 6000 Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel 73006081

Control Module LEP manufactures a wide array of filter wheels for microscopes. The Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel Control Module provides the control for these wheels. As each wheel has an embedded memory device that identifies all of the characteristics of that particular wheel the control module then adjusts operating parameters to match the wheel. Since each parameter set is tuned for the wheel and application, the performance is assured. Sophisticated interface I/O capability provides gating signals for either triggering filter position or triggering external devices. For example, with proper interfacing, a system can be configured to position a filter, output a signal to a camera which in turn signals back to the controller when the frame is complete so the next filter can be positioned.

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