MAC 6000 Communication Intrerface Module 73006042

MAC 6000 Communication Intrerface Module 73006042
Code: 73006042
Vendor: Ludl


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LEP Ludl MAC 6000 Communication Interface Module 73006042

The MAC 6000 interface module is the brain of the MAC 6000 system. This module processes all of the commands from host system;, supervises all of the modules on the MAC 6000 'stack' and executes scripts for autonomous control. The MAC 6000 interface provides dual RS-232 ports, USB and Ethernet connectivity ... simultaneously. Each interface option functions as an independent communications port enabling configuration flexibility and the possibility of more than one host connection. The MAC 6000 command set maintains compatibility with previous MAC 5000 system. A MAC 6000 specific command set provides state of the art communication with streamlined commands and programmable event based messaging. For example, utilizing the event based messaging, the MAC 6000 can be configured to send a message to the host computer when a device has begun it move, stopped or changed position. This type of messaging eliminates the common, inefficient polling loops that are required with some systems. Your microscope is a web server! The MAC 6000 has built-in web server capability. Primarily provided to make system configuration easier, the web server function can be used for remote control and monitoring of the system or to provide a simple, universal local display of system status. The possibilities are endless.

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