Carver 3647 AutoPak/25 Hydraulic Power Unit for 25 Ton Presses

Carver 3647 AutoPak/25 Hydraulic Power Unit for 25 Ton Presses
Code: carver-3647
SKU: 3647
Vendor: Carver
Weight: 200.00 lbs
Price: $12,050.00



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Product Details

Carver 25 Ton AutoPack Hydraulic Power Unit 3647

A self-contained, 1/4 HP Electrically operated automatic Hydraulic Power Unit is available for retrofit to existing Carver manual presses. Develops maximum clamping force for most 25 ton models (minimum 1,000 lbs). Featuring the new "NE" digital control system. Its compact bench design is just 23" x 20" x 24".

The new (NE) control system (pressure only) features full touch screen interface, 10 recipe storage capability with 20 programmable segments of clamp force and time recipe. Programmable in units of Kg, US tons, & pounds. Automatic bump sequence (able to be programmed in any/all segments). Six feet of hose for connection to existing Carver hand operated press. Two hand "anti-tie-down" close buttons for operator safety. Also, includes safety shield with interlocking safety door switch.

  • Self contained 1/4 HP hydraulic power unit
  • Develops maximum clamping force of 25 tons (minimum 1,000 lbs)
  • Two hand "anti-tie-down" close buttons for operator safety
  • Six feet of Hose for connecting to any 12 ton Carver hand operated press
  • Programmable control system (pressure only)
  • 115V 1-Ph supply voltage
  • Electrical disconnect (non-fused)
Item Weight:  
200.00 (lb.)
90.72 (kg)
Dimensions: ( L X W X H )
24.00 x 23.00 x 20.00 (in)
60.96 x 58.42 x 50.80 (cm)