Magnetic Stirrer Topolino Mobil

Magnetic Stirrer Topolino Mobil
Code: 3381301
Vendor: IKA


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Magnetic Stirrer Topolino Mobil

IKA Topolino Mobil Magnetic Stirrer 3381301

2 Year Warranty
Extremely convenient magnetic mini-stirrer for mixing quantities up to 250 ml

Click here for a PDF About IKA Mini MR Standard IKAMAG Magnetic Stirrer 3674000 Click Here for a PDF Maual for IKA Mini MR Standard IKAMAG Magnetic Stirrer 3674000
  • Durable, brushless motor
  • Continuously adjustable speed range
  • High magnetic adhesion
  • Portable operation with long operating time (8-12 h)
  • Short charging time (2-3 h)
  • Standard replaceable AA rechargeable batteries
  • Optional power mode:
    a) Mains-free with standard batteries
    b) With supplied mains adapter (without batteries)
    c) Combined mains/battery operation (with batteries fitted)

Number of stirring positions 1
Speed range 300 - 1800 rpm
Set-up plate material synthetic (PP)
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
Voltage 100 - 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
DC Voltage 9 V=
Current consumption 1000 mA
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