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275 Lab Isolation Platform
    275 Lab Isolation Platform
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    • 275 Lab Isolation Platform

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    275 Lab Isolation Platform
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    The Series 275 Lab Isolation Platform (Series 275 LIP) is comprised of a sturdy, gray PVC platform with a neoprene, non-stick surface supported by three or four Series 275 Vibration Isolation Bearings (VIB275). The VIB275 is a passive, mechanical bearing and employs VistekÕs patented vibration isolation technology (US Pat. Nos. 6,517,060, 6,520,283, and foreign Pats. Pend.).

    Applications for this Platform

    Vistek designed the Lab Isolation Platform specifically for lab balances, Petri dishes, and other small lab equipment and devices.
    • Balances are susceptible to environmental vibrations created by HVAC equipment, elevators, automobile traffic and foot-traffic, shakers, and other equipment in the area.
    • Similarly, vibrations shake the contents of a Petri dish and disrupt important research.
    Lightweight and easy to set-up, the Vistek LIP isolates balances and other sensitive instruments and equipment from vibrations, and it reduces the transmission of vibrations from equipment into the work environment.