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Navitar 12X  Microscope
    Navitar 12X  Microscope
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    • Navitar 12X Microscope

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    Navitar's 12X Zoom is the next generation in video zoom optics. With a numeric aperture of 0.018 - 0.1 and a nominal zoom range of 0.58 - 7X, the 12X is the only single lens system to provide such a high combination of zoom range and resolution. This outstanding combination of video clarity and zoom range, coupled with unprecedented field coverage, means that manufacturers will now be able to view a wider range of parts with a single video inspection system.

    The 12X Zoom system is designed on a modular basis, offering optical quality and mechanical flexibility. This interchangeable design, combined with a wide range of lens adapters and attachments, allows you to easily choose the magnification, field of view and working distance that best suit your viewing needs. In fact, the new 12X Zoom system is even compatible with existing Zoom 6000 adapters and TenX front-end lens attachments.*

    All 12X Zoom models have a 12X parfocal zoom lens system with a high N.A. to achieve higher resolution and improved optical clarity. Working distance can be varied from 37mm (1.5") to 334mm (13.2") and fields of view can be achieved from 0.27mm to 83mm.
    The 12X Zoom system is ideal for use in the inspection of a wide range of products, such as semiconductor chips, PC boards and BGAs. It increases productivity by eliminating the need to change components to view a wider range of parts. It's easy to use and displays crisp, clear images on any monitor for individual or group viewing.

    The 12X Zoom delivers unbeatable accuracy and repeatability for even the toughest die bonding and BGA applications. Superb Navitar optics deliver remarkably high contrast, high resolution video images. The 12:1 zoom ratio provides an incredible magnification range that allows both high magnification for precision measurement and inspection, as well as low magnification for a wider field of view. Bonding, probing, scribing and aligning applications can all be performed better and more accurately than with any other zoom lens on the market.

    *Adapters are components positioned between the zoom lens and the CCD, while attachments are components positioned between the zoom lens and the object.

    Zoom Matrix for 12X System

    System Chart

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