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16oz Wash Bottle Assortment
    16oz Wash Bottle Assortment
    Purchase 16oz Wash Bottle Assortment
    • 16oz Wash Bottle Assortment

      Product Code: 1171600000
      Vendor: Bel-Art
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    When the carton is filled, the safety cap is moved into place and the complete unit is ready for disposal. Does not qualify as a DOT container. Ships flat, simple assembly required. 6 of one size per pack.


    • Safe, puncture resistant receptacles for broken glassware
    • Clearly labeled, dedicated containers available in 2 sizes
    • Lined with a 2 mil, clear polypropylene bag to store broken glass fragments and leaked liquids
    • Printed in four languages: English, German, French, Spanish


    Floor Model
    Dimensions 30×30×69cm (12×12×27in)
    Max Capacity 18kg (40lbs)
    Shipping Weight 6.8kg (15lbs)
    Bench-top Model
    Dimensions 20×20×25cm (8×8×10in)
    Max Capacity 5.5kg (12lbs)
    Shipping Weight 3.2kg (7lbs)

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