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UniFlow LE FM Walk-in Bypass Fume Hood with Vapor-Proof Light 48" 11142
    UniFlow LE FM Walk-in Bypass Fume Hood with Vapor-Proof Light 48" 11142
    Purchase UniFlow LE FM Walk-in Bypass Fume Hood with Vapor-Proof Light 48" 11142
    • UniFlow LE FM Walk-in Bypass Fume Hood with Vapor-Proof Light 48" 11142

      Product Code: 11142
      Vendor: Hemco
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    HEMCO UniFlow LE Walk-in Bypass Fume Hood with Vapor-Proof Light 48"wide x 36"deep 11142


    The UniFlow LE FM (Floor Mounted) Walk-in Fume Hood Cat. No. 11142 measures 48"x36"x84" W x D x H and is designed for large Laboratory Environments to accommodate laboratory procedures requiring an increased height work area. Cat. No. 11142 comes equipped with a Vapor-Proof Light.

    • Advanced Composite Liner materials reflect light while minimizing glare, reducing eye strain and allowing greater productivity for the laboratory personnel. The liner has a smooth, nonporous surface that ensures efficient air flow, resists chemical discoloration, and allows for ease of clean-up.
    • Air Flow Monitor Available in Analog or Digital, Continuously monitors face velocity airflow. Select and calibrate at desired FPM velocity set point.
    • Fume Chamber All Composite construction with coved corners. Surface is white, glass smooth for ease of cleaning and excellent light reflectivity. U.L. 1805 Classified.
    • Sash Stop located at 1/2 open sash height or located to suit your specific requirements.
    • Distillation Apparatus Grid offered in aluminum, stainless steel and nonmetallic composite plastic.
    • Plumbing Services Fixtures are Color coded to specific service.
    • Electrical Services can be mounted on right or left side.
    • Service Port Pass-Thru Port allows cords, tubes or cables to pass to and from the fume hood. (Optional feature)
    • Ergonomic Sash Lift Contoured for efficient airflow and ease of movement.
    • Access Panel removable to access all Electrical services from a single point electrical box. 115 volt 60 Hz operation,T-8 two-tube vapor proof fluorescent light fixture, and light switch on left column, all factory installed.
    • Full 67” Viewing Height with 65” Sash opening height for ease of access and viewing tall apparatus setup. Sash is 3/16 thick safety tempered safety glass, vertical moving with single point counter balanced, contoured sash handle for efficient air flow and ease of movement.
    • Angled Picture Frame Opening Efficient air entry into fume chamber. Angle mounted service fixtures are easily viewed and user controlled.
    • VaraFlow Baffle System Maintains uniform airflow thru the VaraFlow Baffle System to bell shaped exhaust collar outlet.
    • NEW! Green Gas Fume Hood Fire Extinguisher where flammable or explosive situations are present for Class A, B, and C fires. (Optional feature)
    • Ramp for wheeling large apparatus into and out of the Fume hood.


    Specifications and Ordering Info
    UniFlow LE Floor Mounted Bypass Fume Hood with Vapor-Proof Light
    Fume Hood Width 48"

    Super structure is modular composite chemical resistant FRP non-metal construction. Interior fume chamber is glass smooth with bell shaped exhaust collar. Picture Frame upper and lower sash opening with counter balanced upper and lower sashes are clear tempered safety glass with chemical resistant PVC framing,
    track and aerodynamic sash lift.

    Can be shipped knock down for on-site erection. Vapor proof light fixture and control switch are wired to a single point junction box. 115 volt / 60Hz AC All electrical components are U.L. 1805 classified.

    Cat. No.

    Dimensions: WxDxH 48" x 36" x 84 "