TECHNE TE-10A Thermoregulator 1016100

TECHNE TE-10A Thermoregulator 1016100
Code: 1016100
Vendor: TECHNE
Weight: 8.10 lbs
MSRP: $950.00
Price: $918.72



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Product Details

TECHNE TE-10A Analog Thermoregulator -20°C to 95°C 1016100

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The TE-10 A Thermoregulator is designed to be used with the Techne unheated water baths or any other suitable laboratory vessels. They will heat, circulate and safely control the temperature of the liquid in the bath within precise limits. Below ambient cooling is possible with the addition of a Refrigeration or cooling coil required (see Techne Flow and Dip Coolers).

  • Temperature range of -20°C* to 95°C
  • Excellent temperature stability: ±0.01°C at 40°C
  • Simple to use analog control
  • Suitable for most routine laboratory applications
  • User adjustable over-temperature cut-out for unbeatable safety
Temperature range* -20°C to +95°C
Temperature selection Analog
Temperature stability using water @ 40°C ±0.01°C
Method of control Proportional
Temperature sensor Thermistor
Adjustable over-temperature cut-out
Low liquid level cut-out No
Pump capacity liters minute 10
Pump capacity (mbar) 145
Nominal heater power at 120V (W) 1000
Extension below base (mm) 145
Dimensions L x W x H 237 x 124 x 260mm (9.3 x 4.9 x 10.2)
Shipping Weight 3.7kg (8.1 lbs)
* Refrigeration or cooling coil required for below ambient cooling (see Techne Flow and Dip Coolers)
Order Information:
Product Code Description
1016100 TE-10A analog thermoregulator, 117V
7011624 Cooling Co ill Connects to the mains water supply; the water being circulated through the coil should be at least 5°C cooler than the set of the bath temperature. (Fits to any TE or TU unit).

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