Branson PC-620R-2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Model # 000-951-330R

Branson PC-620R-2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Model # 000-951-330R
Code: 000-951-330r
SKU: 000-951-330R
Vendor: Branson
Weight: 23.00 lbs
MSRP: $1,532.00
Price: $1,378.80

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Branson PC-620R-2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Model # 000-951-330R

PC-620 Bransonic¨ benchtop units are designed to ultrasonically clean pipettes and other tubular glassware. Lipids, blood, and proteins are easily removed from the capillary bore of the pipette through the cavitation process. Useful in medical and scientific laboratories, the ultrasonic pipette cleaner is available in both heated and unheated versions. An optional stainless steel cover is available. A pipette basket is recommended, as parts should not rest on bottom of tank. The basket holds the pipettes inside the ultrasonic tank.


The Model PC-620 has a 2-3/4 gallon capacity cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator enclosed in a sheet metal housing. The stainless steel tank has no corner welds or other dirt catching surfaces, and is provided with a bottom mounted drain. Circuitry is solid state for long trouble-free service. High efficiency industrial piezoelectric transducers are attached to the tank bottom and operate at 40 kHz.


The Model PC-620 is not only designed for pipette cleaning. Its unique size makes it ideal for large and odd-size parts that conventional cleaners cannot handle. The many uses of this model include cleaning metal and plastic machine parts, electrical and electronic components, as well as mixing and degassing chemical solutions. Branson also offers a variety of cleaning chemistries suitable for your particular cleaning needs.