These Yamato autoclaves sterilize laboratory clothes and equipment, has an easy to use drain valve, and has a cooling fan to speed up the cooling time after use.

Yamato 18 Liter Steam Sterilizer with Dryer SK101C

MSRP: $1,400.00 Price: $1,260.00

Code:yamato-sk101c SKU:SK101C

Yamato 24 Liter Steam Sterilizer with Dryer SK200C

MSRP: $2,420.00 Price: $2,178.00

Code:yamato-sk200c SKU:SK200C

Yamato 30 Liter Steam Sterilzer with Dryer SK300C

MSRP: $3,200.00 Price: $2,880.00

Code:yamato-sk300c SKU:SK300C

SM210 High-Pressure Automatic Steam Autoclave 20 Liter

Autoclave w/Dryer 20L 0.8 cu ft, max temp 123/180.C (sterilize/dry) 220V 7A 50/60Hz ...more here

MSRP: $6,760.00 Price: $6,084.00

Code:yamato-sm210 SKU:SM-210

SM-301 Automatic High-Pressure Autoclave 32 Liter

Autoclave w/Dryer 32L 1.1 cu ft, max temp 128/180.C (sterilize/dry) 115V 17A 50/60Hz ...more here

MSRP: $7,170.00 Price: $6,453.00

Code:yamato-sm-301 SKU:SM-301

SM-501 Automatic High-Pressure Autoclave 47 Liters

Autoclave w/Dryer 47L 1.7 cu ft, max temp 128/180.C (sterilize/dry) 115V 17A 50/60Hz ...more here

MSRP: $7,970.00 Price: $7,173.00

Code:yamato-sm-501 SKU:SM-501

Yamato SN300 Autoclave Automatic 32 L

MSRP: $6,800.00 Price: $6,120.00

Code:SN300 SKU:SN300C

Yamato SN500C Autoclave Automatic 47 L

MSRP: $7,170.00 Price: $6,453.00

Code:yamato-sn500c SKU:SN500C

Yamato SQ500C Low Profile Autoclave 50 L

MSRP: $7,660.00 Price: $6,894.00

Code:yamato-sq500c SKU:SQ500C

Yamato SQ810C Low Profile Autoclave 80 L

MSRP: $11,240.00 Price: $10,116.00

Code:yamato-sq810c SKU:SQ810C