Yamato Cooling Water Circulator 4L 115V 5.6A Model # CF-301

owerful and water saving closed cooling system with excellent cooling capacity, Environment friendly coolant used for re ...more here

MSRP: $2,570.00 Price: $2,313.00

Code:yamato-cf301 SKU:CF-301

Yamato Cooling Water Circulator 16L 115V 12.5A Model # CF-800

MSRP: $3,370.00 Price: $3,033.00

Code:yamato-cf800 SKU:CF-800

Yamato Cold Trap 4L 115V 5.1A Model # CA-301

MSRP: $4,130.00 Price: $3,717.00

Code:yamato-ca301 SKU:CA-301

Yamato Cold Trap 4L 115-220V 4.5-8.5A Model # CA-801

MSRP: $5,970.00 Price: $5,373.00

Code:yamato-ca801 SKU:CA-801