The benchtop refractometers have a compact design making them perfect for laboratories with limited space. These devices are used to measure the refractive indices of your samples.

Reichert r2i300 Compact Digital Refractometer Model # r2i300

MSRP: $5,045.00 Price: $4,540.50

Code:reichert-r2i300 SKU:13980000

Reichert Abbe Mark III Digital Refractometer Model # 1310488M

MSRP: $6,175.00 Price: $5,557.50

Code:abbe-mark-iii SKU:

Reichert AR7 Automatic Digital Refractometer Model # 13107000

MSRP: $10,500.00 Price: $9,450.00

Code:reichert-ar7 SKU:13107000

Reichert AR5 Refractometer

MSRP: $8,499.00 Price: $7,649.10

Code:reichert-ar5 SKU:14007000

Reichert AR9 Refractometer

MSRP: $11,895.00 Price: $10,705.50

Code:reichert-ar9 SKU:14009000

Reichert Density4 Density Meter

MSRP: $13,485.00 Price: $12,136.50

Code:reichert-density4 SKU:14004000

Reichert Density5 Density Meter

MSRP: $14,999.00 Price: $13,499.00

Code:reichert-density5 SKU:14005000