These colony counters are used to determine the amount colonies in a specimen.

Reichert Quebec? Darkfield Manual Colony Counter (110V/60Hz) Model # 13332500

MSRP: $1,039.00 Price: $935.10

Code:reichert-colony-counter-manual SKU:13332500

Stuart SC6Plus Colony Counter

Touch pressure with felt tip marker on petri dish registers cumulative count on the digital display with confirmation by ...more here

MSRP: $696.00 Price: $619.44

Code:stuart-sc6plus SKU:14212-04

Reichert Quebec? Darkfield Digital Colony Counter (110V/60Hz) Model # 13332700

MSRP: $2,008.00 Price: $1,807.20

Code:reichert-colony-counter-digital SKU:13332700