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Spectra Services is a small, family owned and operated laboratory equipment company in Ontario, New York. At Spectra Services we pride ourselves in offering top of the line customer service with an attention to providing our customers with the most up to date knowledge on laboratory equipment, and outfitting laboratories with customized solutions that work best for the customer. Founded in 1977 by Michael Specht, Spectra Services started as a one-man shop operated out of the basement of his home. Initially offering just one line of microscopes, Specht grew his business into a market leader, eventually expanding to include even the most complex microscopy solutions. Now Spectra Services is run by our tight knit family that values the same mission we started with, providing top of the line customer service with a wide variety of laboratory equipment and consumables for appropriate laboratory outfitting.

Here at Spectra Services, we are constantly expanding our product lines, networking with more manufacturers, forming relationships with vendors, and testing new equipment to bring the best to our valued customers at prices that works within your budget. We have forged agreements with top brands such as American BioTech Supply, Carbolite, Carver, ELMI, Linkam, Ohaus, Reichert Technologies, Schott, Yamato, Julabo, Tokai Hit, and Suruga Seiki, just to name a few. 

In the last decade, Spectra Services has built one of the largest pre-owned and demo inventories of microscopes in the United States, offering pre-owned and manufacturer demonstration units at a fraction of the cost of a new product, catering to all budgets and users. From parts to custom-built products, our sales team can work with you to build customized solutions from pre-owned products, effectively making even the most expensive and complex purchase cost-effective and within budget.

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