The reflectance standards are used to help measure your sample surfaces. We offer a wide variety of different reflectance standards based on your needs.

Low-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard

The STAN-SSL Low-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard ...more here

Code:stan-ssl SKU:STAN-SSL

WS-1 Diffuse Reflectance Standard

Diffuse Reflectance Standard, PTFE ...more here

Code:ws-1 SKU:WS-1

STAN-SSH High-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard

The STAN-SSH High-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard is a mirrored, fused-silica standard that can be used as a ...more here

Code:stan-ssh SKU:STAN-SSH

WS-1-SL White Reflectance Standard with Spectralon

he WS-1-SL is a diffuse reflectance standard from Labsphere and is made from their patented diffuse reflectance material ...more here

Code:ws-1-sl SKU:WS-1-SL