The Portable Centrifuges are great for people that need to work on the go. You can get through twice as many customers with these devices. They are equipped with a port to plug into your car for easy use.

ZipoCrit Portable Hematocrit Centrifuge

The ZIPocrit centrifuge spins 4 75mm capillary tubes at 11,000 rpms. Designed for cell separations, microfiltration, an ...more here

Code:lw-scientific-zipocrit SKU:ZPC-04HF-7503

E8 Portafuge Fixed Speed Centrifuge

Code:lw-scientific-e8-portafuge SKU:E8C-U8AF-150P

E8 Portafuge Variable Speed Centrifuge

Code:lw-scientific-e8-portafuge-variable-speed SKU:E8C-U8AV-150P

E8 Portafuge Digital Speed Centrifuge

Code:lw-scientific-e8-portafuge-digital-speed SKU:E8C-U8AD-15TP

Drucker 614M Portable Centrifuge

The Drucker Model 614M is our most affordable fixed-angle centrifuge. Using advanced engineering materials and an advanc ...more here

MSRP: $369.00 Price: $328.41

Code:drucker-614m SKU:614M

Drucker 642M Portable (12-24 Volts DC) Centrifuge

The Drucker 642M is designed for the Home Health nurse that is on-the-go. While running from a vehicle’s 12V electrical ...more here

MSRP: $810.00 Price: $720.90

Code:drucker-642m SKU:642M