We have a variety of labnet pipettors and accessories to fit your laboratory needs.

Labpette FX Fixed Volume Laboratory Pipettes

MSRP: $99.00 Price: $89.10

Code:labnet-fx SKU:P3900

Labpette R Repeating Laboratory Pipette

MSRP: $307.46 Price: $204.98

Code:labnet-labpette-r SKU:P3000

FastPette Pro Pipette Controller

MSRP: $374.54 Price: $318.36

Code:labnet-fastpette-pro SKU:P2002

Labnet BioPette Plus Four Pack Starter Kit

MSRP: $818.40 Price: $506.60

Code:labnet-biopette-plus-four-pack SKU:P3942-SK4

BioPette Plus Autoclavable 8 channel Pipettes

MSRP: $587.42 Price: $528.67

Code:labnet-biopette-plus-auto-multi SKU:P4810

BioPette Plus Autoclavable Pipettes

Code:labnet-biopette-plus-auto-pipettes SKU:P3942

FastPette V2 Pipette Controllers

MSRP: $291.31 Price: $262.17

Code:labnet-v2-pipette-controllers SKU:P2000

BioPette Plus Autoclavable 12 Channel Pipettes

MSRP: $701.75 Price: $631.57

Code:p4812 SKU:P4812