We have a variety of labnet electrophoresis systems to fit your laboratory needs.

Molecular Weight Markers ENDURO

Code:R1000100BP SKU:

Labnet GDS Touch Gel Documentation System

Code:labnet-enduro-gds SKU:

Enduro GDS Gel Documentation System

Code:labnet-enduro-gds-gel SKU:GDS-1302

Labnet ENDURO? 20.20 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro-20-20 SKU:e1020-20

Labnet ENDURO? 15.15 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro15-15 SKU:E1015-15

Labnet ENDURO? 15.10 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro15-10 SKU:E1015-10

Labnet ENDURO? 10.10 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro10-10 SKU:e1010-10

Labnet ENDURO? 7.10 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro-7-10 SKU:E1007-10

Labnet ENDURO? 7.7 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro-7-7 SKU:E1007-7