We have a wide range of monitoring equipment for all of your laboratory needs.

Thermo Button

The smallest temperature logger in the world! Ideal for all your temperature controls: refrigerators, cold rooms, freeze ...more here

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Hygro Button

The smallest temperature and humidity logger in the world! Ideal for all your temperature and humidity controls: storage ...more here

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Thermotrack PC Software

PC software for the most complete programming and reading of Plug&Track Thermo Buttons, iBtags and Hygro Buttons ...more here

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Thermotrack Webserve Software

Real Time Temperature tracking and traceability of your fridges, cold rooms, labs on the Internet. ...more here

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Digital Temperature Probe

Digital Temperature Probe for use with Plug&Track's Sensor Net Connect module. ...more here

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0.5-15 lpm Flow Monitor

FLOW MONITOR 0.5-15 LTRS/MIN ...more here

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