Jenway Spectrophotometers are compact making them great for laboratories with limited space. These devices auto log your results and have a easy to use display screen.

Jenway Genova Nano Life Science Micro-volume Spectrophotometer

The Genova Nano microvolume spectrophotometer measures small sample volumes as low as 0.5Ál with a high degree of accura ...more here

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Jenway 6850 UV/Visible Double-Beam Spectrophotometer

Code:jenway-spectrophotometer-6850 SKU:6860/115V

Jenway Tray Cell Cuvette w/2 caps (1mm & 0.2mm)

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Jenway 7300 and 7305 Spectrophotometers

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Jenway 7310 and 7315 Spectrophotometers

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Jenway 63 Series Accessories

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Jenway 73 Series Accessories

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Jenway 67 Series Accessories

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Jenway 6850 Accessories

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Jenway Cuvettes for Spectrophotometry

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