We have a wide range of histology products to fit all of your laboratory needs.

HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine

Code:rmc-hpm-010 SKU:HPM 010

PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotome

Code:rmc-pt-pc SKU:

GKM-2 Glass Knife Maker

Code:rmc-gkm-2 SKU:

RMC EMP-5160 Automated Tissue Processor

Code:rmc-emp-5160 SKU:EMP-5160

RMC MT-990 Motorized Precision Microtome

Code:rmc-mt-990 SKU:MT-990

AFM-990 Precision Motorized Microtome

Code:rmc-afm-990 SKU:AFM-990

MR2 Manual Microtome

Code:rmc-mr2 SKU:

MR3 Motorized Microtome

Code:rmc-mr3 SKU:MR3

SHURCut Microtome SC2500

Code:tbs-sc2500 SKU:SC2500

SHURCut SC3500 Microtome

Code:tbs-sc3500 SKU:SC3500

SHUR/Cut Microtome SC4500

Code:SC4500 SKU:

Slide Drying Bench


MSRP: $850.00 Price: $840.00

Code:ET-MH6616 SKU:MH6616X1

Paraffin Section Mounting Bath

PARAFFIN SECT.Mting BATH LC ...more here

Code:ET-MH8516 SKU:MH8516

Paraffin Wax Dispenser


MSRP: $3,150.00 Price: $2,982.50

Code:ET-MH8523B SKU:MH8523BX1

FS-8500 Freeze Substitution System

Code:rmc-fs-8500 SKU:FS-8500

Kartell Staining Rack 25 Slides

Code:dynalab-235314-0001 SKU:235314-0001

Kartell Slide Staining Trough, 25 Place

Code:dynalab-235314-0002 SKU:235314-0002

RMC Diamond Knives for Ultramicrotomy

Code:rmc-diamond-knives SKU:

RMC QG-3100 Automated TEM Stainer

Code:rmc-qg-3100 SKU:QG-3100

RMC JEOL JFD-V Freeze Fracture System

Code:rmc-jfd-v SKU:JFD-V

Yamato DC-401 Freeze Dryer

MSRP: $4,870.00 Price: $4,285.60

Code:yamato-dc-401 SKU:DC-401

Yamato DC-401A w/ Flask Mounting Chamber & 120ML Dry Flask

MSRP: $6,690.00 Price: $5,887.20

Code:yamato-dc-401a SKU:DC-401A

Yamato DC-401B Freeze Dryer with 8-Port Manifold & 120ML Flask w/Straight Glass Joint and Cap

MSRP: $6,500.00 Price: $5,720.00

Code:yamato-dc-401b SKU:DC-401B