The Gas Chromatographs have the ability to heat up and cool down quickly, cutting down on project time.

200 Series GC

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300 Series GC

Code:ellutia-300 SKU:

EL3000A Autosampler

Code:ellutia-el3000a SKU:

EL3100 Autosampler

Code:ellutia-el3100 SKU:

EL3200 Autosampler

Code:ellutia-el3200 SKU:

EL2000H Autosampler

Code:ellutia-el2000h SKU:

EL2100 Autosampler

Code:ellutia-el2100 SKU:

Optic-4 Multimode Inlet

Code:ellutia-optic-4 SKU:

800 Series TEA

Code:ellutia-800 SKU:

GC Racer

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6000 Flowmeter

Code:ellutia-6000 SKU:

7000 GC Flowmeter

Code:ellutia-7000 SKU: